Rave Reviews

Your stories are better than “pasta con aglio, olio e pepperoncino!” (pasta with garlic, oil and hot pepper).

-F.C, Rome, Italy



I went from being stuck and uncertain about life, to leaping forward with my projects and desires that I’d had for a long time. It was as if the invisible barrier to everything was suddenly removed and I could see that everything really is possible.

-T.S, NY, NY



You attune yourself to whoever you’re with. Your presence inspires creativity and innovation.

-M.C, Boston, MA



Your guidance, insightfulness and sensitivity are your greatest gifts. You invest yourself fully and you impart confidence and faith that helps us see where we need to go.

-J.A, Pasadena, CA



Annie really stands out. Her personality blends really well and she is gifted in helping to highlight people’s challenges and is able to remove personal issues in a completely thorough way. She is also great at turning comments and issues into constructive feedback. That’s rare.

-L.R, Sustainable Business Network, Phila, PA



In thirty years of working side by side, my business partner and I had never communicated about things that truly matter. Thanks to you we got a lot out in the open and leveled the playing field of our relationship. In addition to that we have much more fun working together as well.

-R. E, President, Realtor, Phila, PA


All of us know inside that we have more than we realize, but the question is how do we get to that? I was tired of always going back into my past and dredging things up, only to find that I was still in the same rut. I wanted a quicker, easier way to change. Annie’s got the skills and the know-how; plus she has a great sense of humor.

-G.L, Philadelphia, PA



We were just laughing and talking and I was thinking that absolutely nothing was happening, and then three weeks later my whole life changed. I don’t know what she does but it works.

-W.H, Philadelphia, PA



Annie is a brilliant leader. She has the ability to immerse herself deeply within an experience. She has courage and tremendous empathy, wisdom and loving detachment. Equal to Annie's depth of emotion is her height of whimsical sensibility. She brings such humor and levity to a situation!

-A. R, New York, NY



Annie guided our staff to communicate openly and honestly and work better together. The results are amazing in such a short time.

-D. L, Rowan University, Phila, PA



Annie is a leader. She has the capacity to handle tremendous pressure and lead the way to new resources, all the while maintaining her cool and sharing her infectious sense of humor. Equally significant to her leadership is her ability to get along with many kinds of people. She does not judge others on trivialities but looks for character.

-A.A, Youth at Risk, Colchester, UK



You are endlessly resourceful. You are always thinking about all of us and always seeing our greatness.

-D.S, London, England


Annie’s stories blow the world into proportion. She points us in a direction that we all know we must go.

-J.B, Philadelphia, PA



Your stories are like sunshine through grey clouds. They really do change us and change the world.

-B.M, Chestnut Hill, PA



Annie led a retreat for my administrative professional staff and she was great. My team felt invigorated and energized by the retreat.

-M.R, Univ. of PA, Philadelphia, PA



Annie designed a program around the needs of our administrative team. She focused on developing positive communication and appreciative feedback. Six months later our team still uses the techniques she taught us. We communicate much better even about tough subjects and more importantly, we now function more as a group than as a collection of individuals.

-L. T, Superintendent, NJ Public Schools



The way you guided us expertly through the transformation was seamless and how you resolved the conflict between our team leaders was astounding!

-E.R, CEO, Phila, PA



Because of you, I will be unstoppable.

-P.R, San Jose, CA



Annie takes you beyond where you think you can go. She makes the impossible, possible.

-E.R, Nurnberg, Germany



Annie didn’t just help me make a life change. She turned my problems on their head and spun them about. I haven’t been the same since!

-A.T, London, England