where it all began
Back before time and space, far beyond what any of us can even remember, even before the birth of the universe itself, we all existed on just one point. There we were, packed like sardines into a space no bigger than the head of a pin; connected to each other in every possible way.

It was cozy, but tight and even back then we had the urge for our own space. As humans do we sought to expand, but this expansion turned into tension, tension escalated into fighting and before we knew it things had reached a fever pitch. Until suddenly - BAM - all the lights went out and we were in deep darkness hurtling through space where we hit our heads on the edge of the stratosphere and forgot everything.

From that point on, we forgot our origins on the one point and came to assume that we were separate. While being individuals gives us uniqueness and special strength it is also tiring and takes a lot of energy to maintain. Evolution wasn’t going so well until…..out of the nowhere that is really somewhere, arrived the infamous Signora Pavaccini, beloved Mother of the Universe.
“Ragazzi, quante volte vi devo dire” (“Children, how many times do I need to tell you”) that the earth, the sun, moon, stars and the pasta we eat all come from the same place? Now let’s sit down and have a nice meal together with a big glass of wine and remember that we all come from the One Point.”

So we sat down together and had a good meal and in this spirit of friendship, oneness and community, we started to remember the origin of all things. Isn’t it amazing what a good plate of pasta and a glass of wine can do for our togetherness? It’s always good to remember where we really come from.