dare to do something different
A group of monkeys was put into a cage with a stairway that led to a beautiful bunch of ripe bananas at the top. They had it rigged so that each time a monkey went up the stairway to get a banana it would get shot with a stream of cold water, thus it would run back down afraid and never get the banana.

Every now and then, they would take a monkey out of the cage and replace it with a new one. When this monkey would try to go up the stairs to get the banana, all the other monkeys would warn it not to go. Even though this monkey had never experienced the water itself, it would stop and not go up the stairs and get the banana.
One by one, they took an old monkey out of the cage and replaced it with a new one, until eventually they had a whole new group of monkeys. None of these monkeys had ever experienced the water themselves, yet an invisible barrier of fear remained in the air, for none of the monkeys would attempt anymore to go up the stairs.

Until one day they put a new monkey in the cage. This ‘rogue” ignored the warnings of the other monkeys and boldly climbed up the stairs, but the water was turned off so he did not get the cold blast and he was successfully able to grab the bunch of bananas. The rogue monkey broke the invisible barrier and brought back bananas for all the other monkeys. Daring to do what everyone else says is impossible is truly the way to make all things possible.