(Where oh where) is the Happiness of Food?

Over the years I didn’t realize that I was doing field research into the Happiness of Food, or the lack of it as the case may be, but I was! I tried everything to manage my health from spouting in hemp bags to juicing up tons of pulverized veggies, green smoothies, detox diets, and a whole year of a raw diet (ugh!), on and on.

The strange thing is that while all of them had an effect, none of them made me feel really well, or vital for that matter, and I wondered why not?

The other odd thing I discovered was that the principals of one diet are completely at odds with the principals of almost any other! The regimes of Ayurveda for instance are in direct opposition to the practices of the raw diet and the practices of the raw diet are in contrast to those of Macrobiotics etc. etc. I remember an illuminating moment in which I realized that no was was agreeing with anyone else and that if I followed one way of eating then I’d have to be denying another. What’s up with that?!

This confused me for many years, but I kept searching for something that would provide both wellbeing and Happiness together. I did try to follow many of the food routines out there, I wasn’t a complete rule breaker just yet), but in the end they just made me slightly more neurotic, not much happier or in health. Now that’s NOT a happy outcome!

So where the heck is the Happiness of Food? I’ll tell you one thing – it may or may not be in the food itself. What do I mean? Well if you’ve been following the little wizard here, he’s always spouting stories about “cosmic energy.”

Energy? Like a battery? Kind of. Something the ancients have always known, that we in our modern world have clearly forgotten is that our bodies, and the universe are made of invisible substance called energy, Qi (chi), or life force. This vital substance is the animating force of the body and the universe. Without it we’d have a mass of muscle, tissue and bone, but no vital substance to animate things.

So where is the Qi or energy in our food? Well that’s exactly the problem! It’s not in most food we eat. It’s not in the packaged preparations and hurried-off meals we call modern food today. We believe we have no time any more to cook the real stuff – hmm, what happened there??

Imagine if you will, and I certainly hope you will, what would happen if your food could contain animating, life-giving substance and taste good as well. Wouldn’t this translate into the Happiness of food? Yes it would!

That’s been my experiment for the last few years and I can happily say that I’ve chucked the modern rules, regulations, diets and standards and found the keys to basic food goodness – hooray! By following this motto – “purity + simplicity = Happiness.” I am now happy, healthy and in good physical shape while eating a very satisfying diet! You can too!

Want to know more? Stay tuned. As always, the wizard and I will share our special tips for bringing happiness back into food and everything else was well. Please share your thoughts, questions or ideas. I love to hear from you!

* (all critiques however go right to the cosmic recycling bin ha-ha!)

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