Tips on Food from a Slow-Moving Snail

Once upon a time there was a saliciously slow-moving snail. Snails as the norm are known to move slowly, but this one was really slugging along. I asked him what was the matter and he said that he’d been to the slug doctor for some sluggishness :>) and got a prescription diet that made him feel really sick.

“Why?” I asked, feeling his pain.

“Because there’s nothing I can eat that I like! He took out all the goodies that I used to eat. Grass is too green, compost waste is too dirty, and he said that I should never ever pick up dirt off the ground to ingest. What is a poor snail to do?”

“Hmm,” I said. “Let me think on this.” The strange thing was that it reminded me of a visit I’d to a “health” practitioner myself years ago.

“Take out the caffeine,” she (practically) shouted when she looked at my diet.

“No morning tea” I moaned, “what will I drink?”

“Herbal tea,” she righteously ranted.

“But I hate herbal tea. It’s not tea at all, only herbs.”

She went on systematically and righteously setting me straight on the right way to eat. But while she was going on (and on) about this, I was thinking, “Is she right? Is there only one way? Who says anyway! (that’s the rebel in me) and most of all – is SHE happy??!”

My answer was no. Much as I respect her knowledge, learning and point of view, I came to realize that it was not right for me. I did NOT delete beautiful organic BLACK tea out of my diet – god forbid! Many people in other parts of the world enjoy this wonderful beverage daily. What we have done in our modern world is overdo things – a twenty-some ounce coffee drink (hello Starbucks!) instead of a tiny cup?

Well I decided to go the ancient way. They drank tea and so do I. So I ended up tossing and shucking many of the things she “insisted’ were right and finding my own way. Much to my delight, I am happy, healthy and enjoy a delicious and satisfying diet. What did I do? I went back to nature, the way my body feels best.

Now back to our slug friend.

“Well I said, what do you love to eat, what did your ancestors eat, and what do you feel best eating?”

“I love all the things the slug doctor tried to delete from my diet,” he said.

“Well then,” I practically shouted with happiness, “the cure is simple. Shuck everything the slug doctor said and go back to the way nature created you to be – a dirt-eating, grass-loving, compost-delighting creature. What do you think about that?”

“I love it!” he shouted and did a small slug flip in the air.

The next day I found him in my compost pile happily munching on some muck. He looked so happy!

Moral of this story is – the modern world has screwed up our food, food production and what and how we eat. The answer is not to eliminate everything, but find it in its closest state of natural purity and most of all to enjoy! The happiness of food is everything. Just ask my little slug friend who seems so lighthearted and gay these days.

Back to nature he says. What about you?


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  1. Wonderful story. Off to cooking lentil soup with orange juice and ginger. See ya!

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