Tapping into the Field of Possibility

Why do we feel so blocked, so stuck, so under-resourced and overwhelmed? Life on planet earth! Eeh gads, it’s a mess!

But the mystics have always said that there’s more to life than we can see, sense, taste, touch, or experience with our five senses. But where the heck are the dials to our inner experience and more importantly, how can we tap them?! At least that’s what I wondered.

I begged, pleaded, cajoled and was ready to bribe the gurus and masters of the universe to give me their secrets, even though I know it doesn’t really work this way. They don’t just arrive on your doorstep with the secrets in their hands – I wish! However, I was so determined that I went around the world studying and learning, trying to find something that would put the power of change in everyone’s hands.

I wanted this so badly. It just seemed that this had to be available somehow. I learned a lot in my travels, but I came home more confused than ever! Thus I sat and muddled about this for quite a few years before it finally came to me in a flash.

It began after I started doing some daily energy practices, a simple routine that I eventually modified to use in my work with leadership teams. It worked so well that I kept going and much to my surprise, my brain started to wake up from its Sleeping Beauty state, and that’s when out-of-the-blue, I suddenly saw the formula I’d been searching for.

I took all the pieces I had and took them apart until, like my bicycle as a kid when my Dad was working on it, I had a jumble of assorted parts and no discernible structure – yikes!

I told myself not to worry. It doesn’t help anyway. My Dad taught me the art of taking things apart and rearranging them in different, usually better ways. He was always repurposing things, mostly furniture and machinery. I did the same thing with the inner workings of the mind, body and morphic fields.

Morphic fields, what are they? If you don’t already know, they are energy fields, a type of “cloud” storage system (like iCloud) that hold ALL the information from the brain and body. That’s right, our own brain and body don’t store the information that directs our energy or biology. This biological “cloud system” is the repository of all information, what makes us tick, or keeps us stuck as the case may be. I had never found anything that explained the workings of this system to me in a way that I could use for my own transformation. That’s what I was curious about – how do these fields code and decode information for change to occur in our system?

To figure this out I had to take it everything apart in order to see how things worked. Then I put it all back together in a new potent way. Are you be interested in knowing how things work in the intersection between the brain, body and the cosmic coding system? I know I was!

If you’re shouting YES (feel free to give an actual shout here), then stay tuned. In the next few posts I will unveil my method for changing anything (everything really). It has worked wonders with me and everyone who’s used it. You can tap into possibility too. When we understand how our “cosmic iCloud” works, then we can tap in to the key codes and begin to change things, deeply.

Curious? Excited? Delighted? Jumping for happiness? Ok, stay tuned!

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  1. Beautiful – Love the cosmic cloud system!

    1. And it loves you! Be sure to tap in, and let me know what happens – woohoo!

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