Tapping in to a Field of Puri-TEA

If you read my post about how to change anything, then you may be wondering, “How do we really tap in to more?” If you haven’t read it, you can read it here now.

Morning tea, my usual, a delightful tulsi chai (chai = tea). If you haven’t tasted tulsi, holy heck –  it’s delicious! Also called holy basil, it’s a sacred plant in India, connected to the Lord Vishnu, who’s role in our cosmos as preserver and protector of the universe, is to return to the earth in troubled times in order to restore the balance of good and evil. We sure need that!

So there I was about to take a sip when of my morning brew when the little wizard floated out of the cup, seated on a magenta striped cushion!

“OMMMMMM…..” the sacred sound reverberated out of my chai, wafting through my house like exotic incense.

“Umm, what do you mean?”

“I’m tapping in,” he said opening his eyes briefly and closing them quickly before I could ask a question. I knew he did this on purpose because I always ask too many questions. I decided to risk it anyway, knowing I might disturb his peacefulness.

“Tapping in to what?” I probed.

“Puri-TEA of course!”

I hate when he does that. Tells me something that sounds completely obvious, yet it’s not. This means that I’ll have to ask yet another question. I know he does this on purpose as well, to test me. Do I stay silent or risk asking for more?

“Tap in!” he shouted, flipping until he was floating head down above the cushion, like un upside down headstand, without any body part touching the ground. Holy heck!

“No, holy basil,” he said quietly. “The drink of choice when the earth is in  troubled times.” 

“But what does this have to do with me?”

“Well you need to tap in. Every one person doing their part will create a change. I’m going to show you how to tap the fields of puri-tea, the ones my bro’ Vishnu uses to move things around in the cosmos when times get tough. Ready?”

“Yes of course!”

“Close your eyes and sink down, like relaxing into a warm cup of chai.”

Now tap lightly on these points on your head and face while saying aloud or to yourself:
top of head + inside of eyebrows + sides of face (temples) + cheekbones (under eyes) + between nose & mouth + between mouth & chin

“I exist as a field of pure potential, an infinite field of ALL possibility.”

Say this slowly and deeply, while sinking in. Then open your eyes and notice what’s different now. The room might seem brighter, you could be more relaxed or be breathing more deeply. It can be anything at all. Just notice what’s different.”

And with that he floated back down into Vishnu’s favorite tea, headfirst! Maybe this is the way to change the world, I thought. If we begin to tap fields of puri-tea, what could happen from there. At the very least the gods will be pleased with our choice of tea!

I took a sip of the holy basil chai – wowee zowee – it was a pure delight! I think Lord Vishnu made this one himself!


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