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Annie Hart 4 Annie Hart 4
Is it really possible?


I know, I know. You’ve tried to change.
Maybe it didn’t work, or not as much as you wished?
Now you wonder – is it really possible?
Can I really have what I want out of life?
Aren’t you curious to find out how?
Are you intrigued yet?
Where is the change I’m looking for?


Where were Mozart’s symphonies before he wrote them?
Where was Einstein’s theory before he invented it?
Where is anything before it comes into form? Think about it.
Wouldn’t you like to have access to ALL the possibilities?
Are you interested yet?
How quickly can I change?


What does it take to make a change?
Years, weeks, months, days? Nope.
Change is like turning on a light switch.
It only takes a second to flip it on.
But you gotta know where the switch is.
I call this change at the speed of light.
Are you ready yet?
Let’s go!


Are you ready to begin?

I already know it works. Now it’s up to you.

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My name is Annie Hart and for over twenty-five years I have travelled the world, working with extraordinary individuals and organizations.


I’ve had the great fortune to study under the guidance of amazing mentors in a wide array of fields and I am grateful for their knowledge, wisdom and leading edge approaches to human transformation.


My work has been honed in the fields of business, education, non-profit, healthcare, community development and youth at risk. I have a deep dedication to personal and global change, knowing that together we create a vibrant, beautiful and connected world.


"If there was one great key to life it would be for you to know and truly experience that in this world, anything is possible."



personal breakthroughs





Maybe you’ve tried to change but not gotten where you wish? Or maybe you’ve found that no matter how hard you try there’s an invisible barrier that you just can’t get beyond?


Be assured, I’ve helped many wonderful people like you move beyond that stuck point and into all the possibilities waiting for you. I help you get unstuck and moving towards the greater things that you want out of life.


We don’t just talk about it, or spend endless hours figuring out why you got stuck in the first place. Instead we get you on your way, right away, towards a rich and fulfilling life.


You can change quickly and easily. You can even enjoy yourself while changing. Change that’s fun, easy and effortless? Now that’s a new paradigm for life.


Change at the speed of light.

the human side of business





What does it take to create an organization which values human beings, aims for excellence and works to create a better world? It takes a human approach to business - one which uses relational skills to build communication, collaboration and a culture in which people can thrive.


I equip organizations with relational skills to build a culture in which people can thrive.


My work is based on these foundations:

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Annie Hart foundations

Relational skills are the glue that holds everything together.


Annie Hart foundations

Solve “unsolvable” problems by getting beneath the surface.


Annie Hart foundations

The “Lone Hero” leadership model is out of date. It’s time to lead together in partnership.



Rave Reviews



I worked with Annie Hart over 18 months, in her capacity as a facilitator and consultant, developing my own skill sets in understanding the Strategic Process of aligning company leadership from “vision to action,” building internal and external productive collaborative relationships, and creating an open safe environment for employees and others to have an open, honest dialog.


Annie’s many years of experience in her field and her skillful presentation of training materials helps you assemble your own tool-box of management techniques and self-awareness with a strong sense of collaborative consensus building to help you manage effectively from a foundation of strength.

-R.R, Santa Clara, CA



Simple, tender, human, accurate. I think these words exactly describe Annie Hart and are the crystal clear glimpse on today’s world we need to gain new insights, courage and the strength to “go beyond"."

-G.S, Athens, Greece

We were growing as an organization and we weren’t working well together or communicating. We wanted to work together in a more cohesive, focused way as a team. Annie was able to see our greatness from the start. She helped us to articulate our mission and align each of us with the legacy of the organization.


She also helped us to communicate about difficult issues. People began working together differently and really communicating.  There’s been a lot of growth in our leadership. People are taking risks and freely verbalizing their concerns. There is much better communication between all of us.


Annie helped us see that there’s real meaning in what we do, that it’s not just a job. She got us to realize that we’re all here to make a difference and to do the best we can.

-P.R, San Jose, California



Your work is so inspiring, very effective and compelling. You have an infectious energy that makes people want to follow you wherever you go.

-R.D, Santa Cruz, CA

I was looking to take things to the next level. I wanted clearer direction for my leadership and to have an impact in the world. I wanted to be more effective as a leader in my company, and my life as well. Annie helped me to get aligned with my values, find out what I want out of life and work, and build a foundation on that. She also helped me to improve my weak areas.


What a difference this has made. I’m doing a better job of working with my co-workers. We’re working together in a more productive way, acknowledging our differences and finding ways to get consensus.


Annie's work changes your relationships with the people you’re working with and your relationship with your work.  It helps you see how it fits how it fits into your life and the values that you hold.  I definitely see the results and it’s changed me in a number of ways.

-P.S, Philadelphia, PA



Here's a Consultant you can believe in, a woman whose words are full of power.

-T.P. Flint, Michigan

Annie Hart
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Stories shape our thinking and our worldview. They are roadmaps of culture, telling us where we come from and where we can go.


We need powerful stories to show us the way and illustrate the kind of world we wish to bring into being. The transformative art of storytelling is like a journey. Stories take us beyond where we’ve been and into a realm where anything is possible. Read a few of my favorites. They just might change your life.

Annie Hart stories


Annie Hart stories


Annie Hart stories


Annie Hart stories


Annie Hart stories


Annie Hart stories


MY BOOKS Libricini
Annie Hart books

Libricini, Italian for small books, are delicious servings of wisdom, inspiration & love that nourish just like good Italian food. The Master the Art of Living series invites us to remember the magic of life.

Master the Art of Living Series
Annie Hart stories
The Right Way to Write
(because there is no wrong way)
How would you like to forget everything you ever learned about writing that was wrong? So wrong that you’ve never felt free, confident or happy in your writing. That isn’t the way writing was meant to be. There’s so much more to the writing process than a critical finger pointing out what isn’t working! You can shuck the rules, befriend your inner critic and find your real and true freedom in writing.
Annie Hart stories
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Annie Hart





I’ve always believed that anything is possible. At nine months of age. I nearly scared my mother half to death when I attempted to walk right off the edge of a stairway. Fortunately she caught me just in time and I’ve been going beyond life’s edges ever since.


I spent my early years climbing trees, reading books, and dreaming of adventures to foreign lands. Later I realized those dreams and have travelled and lived in many wonderful countries including Italy, England, Egypt and India.


The French call it joie de vivre, the Italians, la dolce vita, I love everything that makes life rich, full & lovely. I enjoy drinking good tea, eating dark chocolate, the color green, and anything Italian. I truly love my work and the opportunity to inspire people to change their lives. Seeing what’s possible in others shows me that we truly can create a better world. I enjoy meeting wonderful people wherever I go.


I still climb trees and have scaled a few small mountains with my bare hands. I try to break a few needless rules every day and live life as a grand adventure. I am always ready to hop on a plane at a moment’s notice.



Annie, originally from Philadelphia, now lives in sunny Santa Cruz, California. An enchanting place with perfect climate, wonderful people and surrounded by ancient coastal redwoods, it is truly a slice of paradise.

I am available by email,
Skype, and social media,
from wherever I am in the world.
...or just give me a call 215.260.4687.

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