Extraordinary Change is Possible

you just need a way to tap in


skills & experiencesto thrive in today's world

& have a whole lot of fun!

You can make a difference in the world and leave something lasting behind.

You Can Change Anything

I'm Annie Hart and for over twenty-five years, I've traveled the world, learning and studying with amazing mentors in the field of human development. My greatest wish was to find a way to put the power of change in everyone's hands - no small wish!

I took everything I had and created a user-friendly set of tools that are the quickest, easiest way to change - EVERYTHING

I've worked with everyone from CEO's, high school students, organizational teams, youth-at-risk, administrators, athletes and lawyers (just to name a few). All shared the common desire to achieve their potential and create a better world.

If you're looking for lasting change - good news! You're in the right place. You can make an impact in the world and leave something of value behind.

You just need a way to tap in. 

Annie Change

The power of change in your hands.


Breakthrough Sessions for individuals

What you want more than anything is to share your gifts & talents and actualize your potential, right? But that’s not easy! Maybe you feel stuck, blocked, or otherwise thwarted to move forward with ease. Dissolve blockages in your path and activate your greater potentials to aim yourself in new directions. Come away energized and with the power of change in your hands.

Make a quantum leap in your life, all while having fun.

Let's Work Together

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Organizational Development

Happiness Aim Training

Cultivate organizational intelligence & vitality, aka “Happiness"

Transform teams from working under the pressure of stress & overwhelm to develop an inspiring, energized & collaboratively-intelligent organization. Happiness Aim Training ignites the powerful potential of people to aim together for a greater good. These are skills we need in our world today.

  • Activate peak brain-body energy states to function at your best.
  • Develop dynamic team synergy & collaboration to work together seamlessly.
  • Cultivate organizational vitality that spreads.
  • Make a difference in the world & leave a lasting legacy.

Group Retreats

Relax, refresh & renew. Take time away in a group setting with like allies to connect with what really matters to you. Find true meaning and purpose for your life and aim yourself in greater directions. Share partnership and synergy with trusted supporters who champion your big dreams. Come away revitalized and ready to make a difference in the world.

Custom designed for your purposes or on location.

Any intelligent fool can make things more complex. It takes genius and courage to move in the opposite direction.

Annie Hart

la dolce vita with joie de vivre

At nine months of age, I nearly scared my mother half to death when I attempted to walk off the edge of a stairway. Fortunately she caught me just in time and I’ve been going beyond life’s edges ever since.

I spent my early years reading stories, climbing trees and dreaming of adventures to foreign lands. Later I realized those dreams and have traveled and lived in wonderful places including Italy, England, Egypt and India.

I honed my novel approach to human transformation in the fields of business, education, healthcare, nonprofit and youth-at-risk. The opportunity to change people’s lives shows me that we truly can create a better world.

I love everything that makes life rich & lovely – the French call it joie de vivre, the Italians la dolce vita. I enjoy drinking fine tea, eating dark chocolate (not the cheap kind), telling stories and speaking Italian.

I still climb trees, love standing on my head and try to break a few needless rules every day. I live life as a grand adventure and am always ready to hop on a plane at a moment’s notice. I enjoy meeting wonderful people wherever I go.

I live in the natural paradise of Santa Cruz, California.

Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world, as in being able to remake ourselves.

Rave Reviews

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making a difference

There’s been a lot of growth in our leadership. Annie helped us work together to actualize our mission. There’s much better communication and people are taking risks. She helped us find meaning in what we do and realize that we’re making a real difference.

foundation of strength

Annie’s years of experience and skillful training presentation helps you develop self-awareness along with collaborative consensus building to manage effectively from a foundation of strength.

you’re the next Dr. Phil!

The way you guided our team expertly through the transformation was seamless and how you resolved the conflict between our team leaders was astounding. You’re the next Doctor Phil!

inspiring & compelling

Your work is so inspiring, effective and compelling. You have an infectious energy that makes people want to follow you wherever you go.

because of you I’m unstoppable

I appreciate your ability to get so much out of me. You make it so easy. Because of you, I am unstoppable.

you see our greatness

Your thinking is brilliant and you are endlessly resourceful. You are always always seeing our greatness.

creativity & innovation

You attune yourself to whoever you’re with and your presence inspires creativity and innovation.

confidence & faith

Your guidance, insightfulness and sensitivity are some of your greatest gifts. You invest yourself fully and impart confidence and faith.

words that have power

Here is a consultant you can believe in, a woman whose words are full of power.

we’ve come together

My staff really enjoyed your training. It helped us come together in moments of great stress or potential strength. Thank you!

humor, fun & levity

Annie has tremendous courage, empathy and wisdom. Equal to her emotional depth is the height of her whimsical sensibility. She brings such humor, fun and levity to any situation!

her 12th grade teacher

The trends of the fads of the crowds do not phase Annie. She is a leader who abides by her own set of rules and beliefs and is not easily swayed. Equally significant to her leadership is her ability to get along with many kinds of people. She does not judge others on trivialities, she looks for character.


crystal-clear glimpse

Annie Hart has a crystal-clear glimpse on the world today that is simple, tender, human and accurate. She has what we need to gain the insight, courage and strength to go beyond.

energy & synergy

My administrative staff felt invigorated and energized by the retreat. Now we know how to keep up the energy & synergy at work.

mentor says

Your work is so inspiring, effective and compelling. You have an infectious energy that makes people want to follow you wherever you go.

we developed teamwork

Annie designed a program for my administrative team. She developed our teamwork and synergy, so that six months later we work together effortlessly, even around tough issues. More importantly, now we function more as a group than as a collection of individuals.

huge difference

I see a huge difference in who I am and how I live at home and work.

her mother

I’ve always believed that anything you want to do, you will do.

Libricini - "Little Books"

delectable bites of wisdom, inspiration & love - just like good Italian food. 

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master the art of living

Lasting Change

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People sometimes ask if this change will last.Of course! You're going to change anyway.I just make it quicker, easier & more fun!

Want to Know More?

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Just pick up the phone and give me a call.We can have a real human conversation.

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